Wedding Ceremony

I can offer you a diverse range of styles of ceremonies. My resources offer many ideas you can pick and choose from and create your own style. If you want some thing more traditional or just something short and sweet I can tailor a ceremony to suit you. You can also add a sand ceremony, dove release, unity candle or release butterflies.

Renewal of Vows (Reaffirmations)

Renewal of vows celebrates your marriage thus far. Vow renewal is to celebrate a anniversary or special occasion or just to show that you are still in love with each other.                                                                                                                                                                                  

No Frills Wedding Ceremony

Its perfect for two people that want to make their celebration special and intimate with having only two witnesses attending their ceremony

 Commitment Ceremony

This is the perfect ceremony for two people that love each other to celebrate with family and friends. Its a great way to celebrate without the legalities of marriage. It shows your family and friends that you are committed and love each other. A commitment ceremony is also ideal for same sex couples that wish to celebrate their love and commitment to each other.

 Naming Ceremony

Naming ceremony is to welcome your child into the world. To announce god parent, mentors or guardians to your family and friends. You can incorporate a balloon release, fairy dust, or a candle ceremony.




We will celebrate the life of your loved one. I am here to provide guidance and support and endeavour to fulfil your needs in crafting and delivering a personalised funeral or memorial service for your loved one that has passed away.


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